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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting Out in the Garden to Refresh Your Soul

During the busy months of summer, sometimes going to the nursery or plant store can feel like going to the grocery store. You have your list of supplies you know you need and you go and get them. Sometimes if you go during peak season you get more than you need, like you do when you shop for groceries hungry. Then comes the stress later of getting all that stuff planted before it dies. The joy of gardening in the winter and spring that we anticipated sometimes gets lost along the way.

Me and my mom

 This summer thanks to my mom I was able to remember in the midst of summer the joyful and rejuvenating process that gardening is supposed to be.

Daughter Abby

My little nephew enjoying the choo-choos at Hidden Hill
I went to a wonderful nursery that also has a beautiful sculpture garden. A very large one in fact. Here I was able to wander around and enjoy nature without the pressure of feeling like I needed to buy something. This terrific place is Hidden Hill Nursery, in Utica, IN.

I would highly recommend looking for gems like this in your own community when you feel stressed or bogged down. Being in a garden and out among nature can be a wonderful way to ease tension in your daily life and help refresh your spirit. This beautiful place helped to remind me what gardening is truly meant to be, an act of creating life and beauty with joy. If you are anywhere near Utica, IN., make a point of stopping in and visiting Hidden Hill.

For those interested in a Fall garden, now is the time to start planting one. If you don't want to start from seed then broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage transplants can be put out, just remember to water on hot days. Although, if you've been enjoying a mild, wet summer, this probably won't be an issue. If you prefer to start your garden from seed, spinach, lettuce, and kale can be planted, along with parsnips and rutabaga. Check with your local master gardener or extension agent to be sure of your planting zone. Or you can check the Farmer's Almanac or USDA page online. If you live in a more northern climate your window of opportunity for planting some of these things might be coming to a close.

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  1. Well I think the whole family enjoyed it at Hidden Hill Nursery. But it took awhile to get up there.

    ~Abby Schwarz