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Monday, May 6, 2013

This week's story start

Sorry for not getting one out last week. It was crazy busy for me. I was gone two days and then spent the rest catching up. Hopefully this week won't be quite so hectic. Look forward to seeing where this week's story takes us.


In her dreams she was eating a waffle cone and watching the carousel spin round and round. Then something wet and sticky was touching her cheek. She pushed it away reluctant to leave the sunny dreamscape. It was persistent. The night must be giving way to morning, she thought. Kelsey sat bolt upright. What day was it? Had she overslept? On her lap, tumbled over from her abrupt rising, lay Mycroft.


  1. His little hedgehog legs paddled uncertainly in the air, his eyes pleading with her to set him right again. Kelsey apologized and scooped him carefully onto her bedside table.
    "How did you get out of your cage?" she whispered to him, wiping her cheek. Across the room, the lid to his glass home was pushed aside. The little hut inside was toppled over.

  2. When you're a very small box turtle who's managed to escape once again from his terrarium, it's not so charming to be tossed with a bolt onto your back, even though you now find yourself cradled on your maiden's soft lap.

  3. Wow! It's almost like you guys spoke to each other before you wrote your entries. Awesome. Can't wait to hear more about this small turtle with hedgehog type legs who lives in a terrarium with a small overturned hut. How did the hut get overturned? How did he escape?

  4. "Same as always. It doesn't take much to climb up on that hut you call my home. Now will you please accept my morning kiss?"

    1. Mycroft the turtle talks! Very interesting.

  5. "Sure, right after you brush your teeth!"

  6. "Forget it," Kelsey told him. "I'm not kissing a turtle. I told you to stop reading fairy tales before bed. You aren't a prince."