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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Vacation has Begun

Well it's official, I'm now the parent of a seventh grader and a third grader. I'm not sure how that happened, but I've pinched myself several times and this doesn't seem to be a dream.

My kids have gotten to enjoy one full week of summer vacation now and by necessity my work schedule has changed. Only a few days ago I envisioned this moment and longed for it. Not to be on a school schedule with set bedtimes, homework, or after school activities to plan around. I looked forward to sleeping in and not feeling like a hamster on a wheel so much.

I have gotten to sleep in some, but things are never as carefree as I imagined them. I've been busier in the last week than ever. But the evenings are nicer and I do love not having a set bedtime. I will make every effort not to slack off too much this summer. As a freelance writer I can't afford to do that, not if I want to generate some income. I might even get my daughter to help me stay organized and on task to some degree, when she isn't reading, playing with the neighbors, or watching a movie marathon of Harry Potter or some other favorite series. As for my son, well we need to spend some quality time this summer reading together. Perhaps the two of us can work together on finding some books we can enjoy taking turns reading to each other and talking about later. He still struggles with his comprehension skills. Either way I'm sure these weeks off that I've been so looking forward to will fly by all to quickly, so I must take the time to enjoy them while I can.

Writing is important, but remembering to savor time with those we love most gives us that much more heart to sit down in solitude and create. Hopefully, I won't blink too much in the mean time and miss these blissful long days of summer.

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