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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun super, short, short stories and other news

I apologize for my inconsistent blogging this week. The beginning of the week has been SO busy and Sunday the artistic spark just wasn't happening. So allow me to play catch up, please. Starting this week, I am going to post a super short, short story on here. For fun I invite all of you to continue the story arc to see where it takes us by posting your own addition in the comments section. It can be as long as a paragraph, as short as one word. The story will conclude when the comments stop and I will post a new super short, short story and we will go from there. It will be fun to see how long our super short, short stories can actually get.

Also, in the next few days I am going to post a summary of my current YA novel I'm shopping around and a preview of the opening for its sequel. I'm really excited about it.

Be sure to check out my other pages too. I'm halfway through planting in the demonstration garden I oversee for University of Kentucky, Extension Services, here in Whitley County. I will also be posting some new stuff on my Juggling Motherhood page.

For now here is my first super short, short story...


Aurelia stopped. What had she come in here to do? Thoughts fluttered and buzzed through her mind like butterflies, or zipped past like hummingbirds. Consciously she reached up and caught one fleeting idea before it could escape. It wasn't the right one. She grasped another--no still not right. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and reached one more time...


  1. Posted by Abby Schwarz: The thought was ZOMBIES!

  2. Zombies began to claw their way out of the ground around her.

  3. She had come into the garden to get rid of the Zombies. But she forgot the magic potion.

  4. She had to think quickly, and shake off the fear that was trying to overcome her. It wouldn't take long for the Zombies to realize she was there. But, where could she go?

  5. And now her hands and arms were coated with sticky thought-webs.

  6. Could she make it to the gardening shed before they got fully out of the ground? The thought-webs made it hard to move. Then an idea buzzed through her mind. Her hand nippers were in her pocket. She reached in as the thought-webs tightened around her. The zombies were almost all out now. She frantically nipped at the webs imprisoning her. Dashing through grasping zombie limbs she made one final leap into the shed. The potion on her workbench lurched when she crashed to the floor. As if she were watching it in slow motion it spun and then tumbled over the edge. The garden shed shook as zombies fought to get through the opening at the same time. Aurelia reached out her hand, hoping to catch the bottle before it crashed to the cement floor. She just made it. Knowing she was going to be eaten at any moment she crawled across the shed floor to her spray can. She fumbled to open it and pour the potion in. One zombie lurched past the others into the shed.

    "OHHHH," it moaned, as it reached for her.

    Aurelia just managed to get the top back on the spray bottle as it grabbed her. "Take that!" She shouted as she sprayed it in the face with the potion. The zombie crumbled to dust. The others followed suit, as she sprayed the mass of disgusting zombie bodies trapped in the shed doorway.

    "Phew," Aurelia sighed, as she took care of the last one. She sank to the floor of the garden shed and zombie dust billowed around her. "I need to find a better way to control my thoughts. That was too close a call for comfort."

  7. Great. A new start: Tabitha's mouth dropped. It was six AM. Maybe she was still dreaming. She stared hard. No, he was definitely ironing her marble countertops.

  8. Couldn't he see that the waves and swirls in the marble, the imperfections, were what made it beautiful.