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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New super short story start

Feel free to add to Rabbit Attack too. But as the comments on that story have stopped filtering in, I'm ready to start a new tale.

Northern Breezes:

Jamie hit snooze on her alarm. The wind screamed around the eaves of her house outside. Still the birds had woken her up a half an hour ago--singing. She peeked out the window and groaned. There was snow on the ground. How could the birds be singing so loudly on such a cold dark morning?


  1. That was it how could they sing on a cold morning, they couldn't. It sounded as if the birds where right outside her window.

    " Jacob stop whistling I'm trying to sleep!" Jamie called out her window.

    " sorry!" was his response.

    He was always trying to annoy her. But why?

  2. Jamie wondered what he could be doing so early in the morning, that would cause him to be whistling with the birds outside. Then she remembered.

    "The hot air balloon race!" She raced outside to see Jacob's new balloon.