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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rabbit Attack

Clive sat up on his back legs, whiskers twitching. Who had broken the oath and eaten the broccoli the humans had planted yesterday? No rabbit was allowed to eat from the human gardens in this neighborhood without alerting the other rabbits first. That was the rabbit oath.


  1. Clive knew he would need some help to find the culprit. He needed a super sniffer. There was none better than the dog that lived in his yard--Harold the Basset Hound. So, he gingerly hopped up to Harold while he was basking in the sun.

    1. HA! Too funny. We have a basset hound that lives next door to us and actually guards our yard more than her own. Perfect.

  2. Clive circled the gnawed broccoli stalks and sniffed. He was sure he'd caught a whiff of something floral, something cloying, something...sultry.


    (Margo gave me the heads up about your story starter, Ann. When I saw "Rabbit Attack", I knew I was hooked. :-) Fun!)

    1. So glad to have you join in! Welcome. Can't wait to see where the story goes.

  3. How could she have broke the oath! She had an alibi, him. Something wasn't right, something smelled funny. Harold rushed over to Clive " Clive I know who ate the broccoli it was...."

    ( This is fun :-)
    ~Abby Schwarz

  4. "It was Kirby. Delilah's new boyfriend." Clive finished the sentence for Harold.

    Harold hung his head. "Yes."

    Clive shook his. "How could you have let this happen Harold? You know those two are trouble. I thought you'd promised to try and keep them out of the neighborhood."