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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guest Post by Abby Schwarz: They have always been here!

Since people first began sharing stories they have always acknowleadged the existance of beings beyond their comprehension. Some hunted for them, others worshiped their presence, and some even feared them as micheivous or decitful beings.

 Wait you ask, what am I talking about? Is it spirits, gods, ZOMBIES!!! But let me calm your nerves. No it is not any of these. It is... is... is... (dramatic pause)! Oops sorry guys can't tell you yet, because it wouldn't be as mysterious or dramatic if I did.

Anyway, over the millenia people have said " Oh I found one!" There are whole websites devoted to finding these beings. Or some are devoted to finding and capturing these beings. They say "Oh we won't harm them just tell us if you find anything." Really they want to cage up these beings and disect them to see what makes them work. Guys and girls those people are crazy! Most people say they are just what they're made to be stories. Others say they are here and watching us....

      What do you believe?
                                      Do you believe in Fairies?

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  1. I believe. I think the photos of my sometimes, photographer, (Abby) turned out really well too.