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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My To-Be-Read Pile is so Huge I May Live Forever

My To-Be-Read Pile

Okay, so I might have a little bit of a book fetish. My son told me a year ago that I couldn't buy anymore books until I got through my existing pile. My pile was smaller then. What can I say? Christmas happened. And he didn't say I couldn't check out library books during that period. After the Christmas before last came and went he just gave up. My daughter doesn't even try to keep up.

Husband's pile

I think my ever growing pile started to make my husband feel a little competitive. He gestured to his a few months ago and challenged, "I think my pile might have yours beat." I just laughed at him.

So today I finally decided to face my book addiction. For thirty minutes or more I went through all the bookcases in the house collecting books I hadn't read. I carefully piled them by size on top of my desk. I was hoping just to make one tall stack. I soon realized it would be a safety hazard to do that. So I broke it down into two stacks. I even sat my e-reader next to the pile. Ebooks count after all. In fact, they've helped feed my addiction because they don't require shelf space and are sometimes less expensive. Sometimes, they're even FREE. (Imagine me sucking in air here in excitement)

Finding all my books was harder than I expected and after I took the picture and started putting them all back in their various bookshelves I discovered I'd missed a couple.

Goodreads, libraries, e-readers, they've all fed my book addiction until is now seems like its rampaging beyond my control. I need to learn to read faster. So I've begun reading multiple books at one time. I also tell myself whenever I enter my favorite bookstore (Joseph-Beth), or the public library, I can't get anything. Then I see the bargain books section. Or Goodreads sends me an update on new releases for my favorite authors (don't ask who they are, that list would be too long) and I look it up on my library. Yep, most of the time they have it. And if it isn't in the physical library its on the KY Unbound library website. Is there no mercy???

I keep telling myself and others that reading is important for my job. How can I learn to write better if I don't read, A LOT? Heh. I think I've got that part of my job requirement covered.

For those of you in the same boat here is more pressure. Hollywood keeps turning those books you've been meaning to read into movies. And friends and librarians post lists or put up displays of some of these books so you can read them before the movies come out. Good grief.


All of these sounded good and will probably be added to my want to read list.

What about you? Do you have a book fetish and if so what feeds it?

Oh, and if you choose to accept the challenge to read all 14 books listed on buzzfeed, let me know and tell me how it went.

I'd love for you to follow my blog and share in my love err--uh--I mean pain.

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