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I'm a published author of short fiction for kids and adults. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. I'm a former content writer for Spirit and Truth publishing on their Living the Word series. I've also worked as a paid book reviewer and as a student editor for The Louisville Review literary magazine. I'm a wife and mom to two great kids, three dogs, and a cat. I love books, movies, gardening, kids, and animals.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you ever feel like this at the end of a long day?


  1. Here's the thing... I wish I had a house and snuggie like that to go into every day! :)

  2. Mycroft in a blanket
    or Mycroft Taco

  3. Dogs are so amazingly expressive in their body language and actions. They make wonderful muses for writers who want inspiration on how to show nonverbal communication of emotions in their writing. Don't you think? Cats can be too. But their are much more subtle creatures.