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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Gallery of What Feels Like Day 392 of Our Captivity

I woke up to find it had snowed again overnight. Lots of people I'm friends with on FB have been complaining and longing for spring and signs of greenery. Despite my post title we have been able to get out and about some since the first snowfall hit. But today marks the 7th day in a row the kids have been out of school and already it's been announced they won't have school tomorrow. Since I'm woefully behind on getting any work done I've decided to just post a gallery of pics on what we've been doing to entertain ourselves while the deep freeze lasts...

My thirteen-year-old practicing the smoky eyed look with make-up on her favorite guinea pig--me.

Lots of baking...of scones...

...and elven flatbread. This was my daughter's first solo baking venture and the flatbread tastes great even if it isn't really flat. The recipe came out of my husband's DragonLance source book.

You can't have scones without a nice pot of tea. =)

Legos of course are a perennial
favorite...playing with them...reading
about them...coming up with new

And one of my perennial faves--reading. I got this in the mail last week. It's an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of C. Hope Clark's newest release. A new mystery series that takes place on Edisto Beach in South Carolina. I actually have to read it to do some reviews for the author. I love it when work and play can mix like this...

Next week I'll be posting about how to write reviews. The week following I'll be posting my latest one on the book pictured here. For now my daily writing duties and lunch are calling. Take care until next time.


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha! You're right. There have been a few of those.

  2. Loved seeing Murder on Edisto in the midst of all the fun and chaos! (And I'm so happy we missed the snow in SC. )

    1. Yes Hope! It was a welcome reprieve from the snow. Hope you continue to miss the winter storms in SC.