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Thursday, July 11, 2013

These are the Hamster Wheel Days of My Life

I really, really enjoyed June, for two reasons. First, it is my birthday month, so by default it is one of my favorite months of the year. Second, for this summer at least I didn't have any commitments like, kids camps, swim lessons, or other obligations other than gardening and writing, to worry about for a whole month. So I was a little depressed when it was over. I knew that the summer would pass that much more quickly once the busy time of July approached.

I know I shouldn't complain. I was the one who looked up theatre camps for my daughter to participate in during the summer. I was the one who signed her up for one that lasts for three weeks in Louisville, which is close to my parents farm. I was the one who then decided to sign up my son for swim lessons that last for two of the three weeks my daughter is in her camp. So I go from dropping her off, to going back to the farm to pick up my son and taking him to swim, to then drop him, off eat lunch, and then go back to Louisville to pick up my daughter from camp. All of this was my doing. And I'm not sorry I did any of it. My daughter is going to get to be Belle in Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the end of performance camp. My son has learned a new swim stroke that he can practice to make him a stronger swimmer. These are all good things and they are enjoying their time in camp and swim lessons. But in the midst of all the running and chauffeuring the time speeds by for summer and they will be getting ready to go back to school once July is over. I manage to eek out writing time despite all the running. I'm enjoying being back on the farm with my family and getting to be in the countryside where I grew up. I just wish that the trade off for my kids personal growth didn't seem to make the time pass faster. I know other parents when they have a moment to draw breath, often feel the same way. Our babies grow into toddlers, who become school children, and all too soon young adults. I was told by a friend recently to bask in this time of running and doing for my kids, because all too soon they won't need me so much anymore.

So while I may feel that I am running on a hamster wheel of life, I try to take time at the end of each day to look at my two cute kids and be grateful. Grateful that my kids are healthy and active in things they love, and thankful that I did get one whole month during the summer to live life at a slower pace. Now its time to cook supper, unwind a little bit, and do it all again tomorrow. ;p

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