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I'm a published author of short fiction for kids and adults. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. I'm a former content writer for Spirit and Truth publishing on their Living the Word series. I've also worked as a paid book reviewer and as a student editor for The Louisville Review literary magazine. I'm a wife and mom to two great kids, three dogs, and a cat. I love books, movies, gardening, kids, and animals.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New publication credit and more Juggling to be done

Check out my latest publication credit and review of "The Shy Writer Reborn."

It is my first paid book review, so it is very exciting for me. I would also say that this book is an excellent writers resource.


It has been a hectic few days. My daughter has started a three week performance camp this week. There are also swim lessons to sign-up for, for my son, if I can squeeze it in.

Still I've managed to finish a couple of books to review and get one review submitted that is already up online. I've also gotten more chapters sent in for my online critique group for one of my current works-in-progress and am set to send out some pitches for another book review. All in all not bad for the week so far. How about any of you? Whether it is writing or some other passion you are pursuing, how do you manage your time with family, kids, pets, etc. to pursue it? Send me a comment to let me know. I'm always eager for new ideas on how others manage their time to have a balanced lifestyle.

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