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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Creating Bits of Magic with Flowers

I've been enjoying the longer, warmer days of late spring and early summer. I managed to get my flowers and plants potted and planted in my garden before I had to leave for my residency. Now they are blooming out and creating little scenes of magic and wonder around my house. I love the growing season for just this reason. Here are a few pictures of one of the ways I keep myself inspired to work by finding a concrete creative outlet beyond writing and reading...

Honest to goodness glass slipper with snapdragons in it that I found at a garden show =)

Fairy garden my daughter and I planted together

The irises were exceptionally pretty this year

Flowers in a teacup sitting in a chair

Couldn't resist this bicolored dahlia

 I also like to plant flowers in with my veggies to help with pollination and attract beneficial bugs to my garden and repel the pests.

Going to have some fresh yellow squash to eat soon. Yum!

What are some ways you add color and creativity to your life? Take some time to enjoy things you love and add a little fun to even the most practical of things you do this growing season.

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