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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Calling All Readers...My Villain Needs A New Name

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In my current round of revisions of my tween fantasy, I've been putting off the inevitable. It seems I really liked names starting with D when I came up with names for most of my male characters. There is Daniel one of the main characters and a giant of a boy/man, Dyfan the foolish and misguided prince, and Damien the villain. I tried renaming Dyfan. But it didn't work for me or my critique group. And it was too cool of a name to give up. But it doesn't suit my villain either. So, now I need to come up with a chilling and cool name for Damien.

This is a very hard thing to do. I've known him as Damien for so long now. Since I first began writing the novel he's always been Damien. But I know that if I could find a name that was equally dark that didn't start with a D or an M I could learn to adapt.

Unfortunately, lots of meditation and paging through baby name books hasn't helped. Like his conniving and deceptive nature in the book, Damien refuses to help me with this. He remains adamant that this is his name and be damned the other characters with D names. Pardon my language, but he is a villain after all.

So I am turning to those of you who love fantasies and fairy tales for help. I am taking suggestions on any cool names you can suggest, or any sites out there that would be good sources to plum for villainous names. Leave me a comment here, or on my Facebook page, or Tweet me, whatever works for you. I am grateful for any help or suggestions. Below is a description of the character in question if that helps. Thank you!

Damien-The younger brother of prince Dyfan and main adviser and counselor to the prince. Damien is smart, conniving, and wants the throne of Orthavia for himself. He has studied dark magic and become adept at stealing the powers of other magical beings. He enjoys the suffering of others and seems to derive strength from conflict and pain in others. He is of average height, slight in frame, loves to wear black robes, seems to be able to almost disappear in shadows, has dark eyes, a very handsome face with dark arched eyebrows, a straight narrow nose, a small mustache and goatee, and is bald. I don't think he is bald by necessity, I think it is by choice. I suspect it has something to do with his appearance and with the type of magic he practices. But I'm and not certain of this because he isn't forthcoming about such things. He is a secretive creature and he loves being bad.


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