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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Continue the Story

Today in honor of spring and new growth I'm going to post a story beginning and you get to continue it. You can post whatever you like in the comments section to continue the story. Let's see where it takes us over the course of the week. If you don't feel it is truly finished post something to let me know and we will continue the tale for another week. :)

Tilda dug at the frozen earth among the tender shoots that were trying to grow despite the cold of winter which tenaciously wasn't relinquishing its hold. The sky above was a gun metal gray.


  1. "It's got to be here somewhere," she thought. "I'm the only one who knows."

  2. Unless it had moved itself again. These enchanted objects were so difficult to keep track of and conceal from everyone else. What would she do if someone found out?

  3. Tilda knew what she would have to do. She would have to go tell the council that she lost the crown. They would not be happy.

  4. She stood up and brushed the mud off her knees. "Oh, who cares?" She tossed the old spade on the ground and tightened her kerchief. The ground trembled.

  5. Suddenly the ground beneath her erupted into a giant hole with the crown in the center completely clean of dirt and grime.