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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Share Your Favorite Love Story this Week

Beauty and the Beast's Belle lost in a book

This week we celebrate Valentine's Day and love. Amid the chocolate and other gifts, this is the time of year when I like to delve into a good love story. This week I'm finally going to start reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. But I've had lots of fun looking at readers' lists of the top love stories out there to read. Among them I found the usual suspects like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Twilight to name a few. Sites like Goodreads and About.com among others are teaming with such lists right now for the avid reader. For me it's just another excuse to find new books to add to my to-read list. I was pleased to see that one of the books on the Goodreads list was one I put at the top of my list and that is The Princess Bride. Whether you prefer the book or the movie this whimsical tale is full of true love, adventure, and lots of humor. It is one of my all time favorite loves stories. In honor of the winter Olympics this year I'm also going to add a favorite romantic comedy movie to my favorite love stories list, The Cutting Edge. This movie is basically a Pride and Prejudice type story that takes place on the ice between a rich and entitled figure skater and a every-man type hockey player who learns to be a figure skater. It's fluff but it's fun fluff and the sparks that fly between the couple throughout is very enjoyable to watch.

So this week whether you have a special someone to share this week's romantic holiday with or not, pick up a good book or pop in a favorite movie and enjoy the love. And if you have a favorite love story that you'd like to recommend please share it! I'm always open to reading a good book.

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  1. Sorry the link I posted earlier didn't take you to the quiz just to my results. Ooops! Here is the actual link to the Princess Bride quiz which ties in well with my blog post about favorite love stories.