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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adventures into the Holiday Season

Well the holidays are in full swing. My calendar is filling up more each day with special holiday activities for me and the kids. Thank goodness for cyber Monday or I don't know when I'd have time to shop. I did make it out on black Friday and managed to get a few good deals. But black Friday has gotten more confusing each year since it became more like brown Thursday. It used to be I could strategically plan out my shopping early in the morning on Friday like a general calling up the troops. I'd sneak out of the house while my kids were still asleep and pick up holiday surprises and be back before they even knew I'd gone anywhere. It was lovely. Now you hardly get time to digest your turkey before the deals start on Thursday. I guess it's nice for those of us who don't like getting up super early. But it makes it harder to figure out where to be and when and I'm always so sleepy Thursday evening after eating so much. I did manage to go out with my mom and daughter to see "Frozen" on Thursday though. That's a fun thing to do after you eat if you aren't into football.

This year I decided it wasn't worth it to get up and out early on Friday. Most of the deals had been going on too long by then. So I had a nice leisurely breakfast of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, hot tea, and waldorf salad with lots of apples and cheese. I figure pumpkin is a squash so it is perfectly acceptable to eat it in pie for breakfast, plus if you do it before you go shopping you can walk it off all day long. After doing a little shopping with my mom, daughter, and sisters, we had lunch and went to see a holiday movie called the "Christmas Candle." Overall, it made for a nice new holiday tradition and it took some of the pressure off shopping on that one crazy day of the year. I think if you're going to have deals around the Thanksgiving holiday you should do them all throughout the week. That way people can browse and shop and see what's out there the weekend before and it makes it easier to plan your attack later in the week. Plus it might help alleviate the mob scenes that still seem to occur on Friday. Some of the stores did do that this year and I think that might be a sensible approach.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you aren't able to get everywhere over the weekend, you can shop in your pjs on Monday and still get some good deals. Then you can celebrate by making holiday fudge or maybe peppermint bark. Yum!

What about you? How do you feel about the black Friday/brown Thursday trend? What holiday traditions do you enjoy this season?

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